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Isaac Navias Digital Marketing Expert
My love for helping local businesses started when I was a young boy. My dad ran an International Mask and Puppet Museum...(yes you read that right)...and I was always with him at his business. He often struggled to keep his company alive, often relying on donors and government grants to keep going.  

Years later, when I decided to leave my Executive job at Target, I decided I wanted to help local businesses grow and thrive. The first person I helped ended up getting so busy he needed to hire additional employees to handle all the new customers. Right then I knew I was onto something. Since then I have helped many amazing Local Businesses obtain the growth and recognition they deserve. I love helping those businesses that are offering high quality products or services explode and grow so they can help even more people in their community.  

I have found that many local businesses are amazing at what they do, but not so great at marketing. That's where I come in. Marketing is scary and can be a money pit if done incorrectly. Many of my clients have been burned before by a marketer who didn't deliver on what they promised and then became stuck. That's why I strive to always deliver the goods. I have a perfect 5 star rating on Google Maps and across the web.  

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Kim Coates Customer Support Extraordinaire
What really convinced me that I wanted to start working for LocalFi was getting to personally meet many of Isaac’s clients. I was always blown away at what a big impact a digital marketing company like LocalFi was able to make in their lives. These were good, hard-working people who offered great products and services but had been struggling to get by before partnering with LocalFi. 

I’ve personally been able to witness these peoples lives go from a constant struggle for survival of their business, to thriving, expanding and being able to help even more people doing what they do best, their passion. It gives me great pleasure to actually see how much we are able to help these businesses, their families, and their communities.
We Care About Locally Owned Businesses - And Our System Works!
We are here to guide you and help you grow and thrive by using our Proven LocalFi System.  If you are ready to get more customers, more popularity, more profit then now is the time to act.  We back our product up with our 100% Risk Free Guarantee!  

So now it's time to choose, you can keep letting businesses who are offering inferior products steal your customers, or you can try the LocalFi Difference.  Learn how it feels to know that you will always have customers walking though the door.  Let us handle your marketing so you can work your passion!
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